Fafalone's Art FAQ.

Q: How did you learn to do that stuff?

A: I've taken Kinetix supported training courses in 3D Studio MAX and read many tutorials on Lightwave, which was easy to learn since I knew 3D studio when I started it.


Q: Will you make art for me?

A: I get this one more then any other questions, the answer is NO. I make art primarily for commercial businesses who PAY me to do art for their TV ads, websites, whatever. Yes as you may have noticed I've made art for such things as game clans and aol groups... i did it for my friends i had known for several years, and I offered to do it, I was not asked. Unless you know me really well... do not ask for art...


Q: Why won't you do art for me?

A: Well i'm really lazy to start things off ;)   I got into that once actually, people asked for art non stop, so i stopped doing it and will not even let myself start to get into that kind of a situation again. If this makes me a jerk, oh well. From time to time, however, I may opt to make art for someone known to me, but this is not likely and if you hear I do it for someone else it does not by any means whatsoever mean I will do something for you too.


Q: Can I ask you for help with art?

A: Sure! If you need any help using Lightwave, 3D Studio MAX, or Adobe Photoshop just instant message or email me @ FafaloneX@aol.com, i'd be happy to help.