New Intro Screen
Posted by Fafalone 
In light of recent events, I changed the into page to a picture I made today about the horror that has gripped this nation. Also removed the banner.
Additionally, I have obtained a album cover from the group Coup which was set to be released in a few weeks; you can see why it was immediately yanked off music sites and can't be found anymore.

      News item dated 9/15/01


Site Updated
Posted by Fafalone 
I put a splash screen on the site to show a little school spirit as a senior :). Incidently, since senior year for me has started, this site is going to be updated even less than it has been in the past few weeks.

      News item dated 8/13/01


Posted by Fafalone 
Due to a recent influx of e-mail bombs and rude & unwanted IMs, I have set both e-mail and IMs to be received only by those on a hand-specified list. I'm probably going to keep it on only a few more weeks; people stupid enough to do such things generally lack the resolve to pursue a long-term goal of theirs, which will contribute to their overall unhappy life... but in the mean time there are people who have been blocked I did not mean to block. I have done my best to ensure all my friends can still contact me, but there are sure to be screen names and e-mails I missed. If this is the case, please let me know by coming to #AOL-Files on DALnet (get mIRC at, which also has instructions), and do not be offended as it was accidental. *Update 8/13/01: Server changed to; same channel, better server.
On another note, I just returned from a week with my psychotic family in New Jersey and apoligize for the lack of updates.

      News item dated 7/10/01


Updates, scanners, and stuff
Posted by Fafalone 
I've been feeling particulary lazy lately, so there haven't been many updates (I added a counter!). I have developed recently both an eB token scanner and an mF token scanner for AOL. These programs allow people to find hidden files, staff-only files, and new versions of AOL. Both are made possible by BMB's token form. My scanners appear to have more features and a faster speed than any competition I've seen, which actually isn't alot since only a handful know how to make something like this. Subsequently, I now use the latest AOL 7.0 version. And no, I will not send you one of the scanners.

      News item dated 6/25/01


Article Feedback
Posted by Fafalone 
I would just like to thank all of the people who have given me postive feedback on my article for AOL-Files. Incidently, I'd like to ostracize the people who claimed I was wrong in my calculations. All I have to say to them is, try again when you can argue with the people with Masters degrees who checked my work. Additionally, several rather disgruntled people pointed out their cracking success and that the whole principle of my article was off-base. These are the people who neglected to read the entire thing; particulary the paragraph addressing stupid passwords that alot of people use.
But overall, the feedback has been positive, and I thank everyone who E-mailed or IM'd me (and sorry if I ignored it, I'm very busy and AFK most of the time).

      News item dated 6/25/01


Posted by Fafalone 
I put a banner ad on my homepage that lets you donate money to me. You can donate one of the amounts there, or enter your own amount.

      News item dated 6/17/01


My AOL Account
Posted by Fafalone 
Contrary to what rumors may have been spread, the reason my account was recently dead was a problem between AOL and the credit card company. I was not 'termed' by some kiddie. Of course AOL had to pick the week I was out of town to do this. I will be pursuing legal action against America Online for this outrage, under violations of law and violations of their agreement to members protecting against; but not limited to: wrongful termination, failure to notify about termination, failure to take all possible measures to secure confidentiality of data; whereas the breaches here caused damages including but not limited to: loss of vital data, loss of personal data, mental anguish.

      News item dated 6/16/01


AOL Passwords
Posted by Fafalone 
I have written a technical essay concerning the number of possible screen names and passwords on AOL, and the feasibility (or lack thereof) of brute forcing someone's password. Check out the article on this site or on AOL-Files. (The font Symbol is required).

      News item dated 6/7/01


No more popups
Posted by Fafalone 
The popup advertisements on my site are now gone. Consequently, there are large blank areas at the bottom of every page. I'll work on that... but it's better than popups. In other news, this is the first time a site of mine has ever been updated daily 3 days in a row!

      News item dated 6/5/01


Your deepest fears...
Posted by Fafalone 
Tonight I came up with a great idea for a page... a list of bizarre fears that have appeared in our society. Check out the page here.

      News item dated 6/4/01


Site Redesigned
Posted by Fafalone 
Well, school is finally out for the summer. That translates into large time blocks of insane boredom. So, I'm actually taking the time to make a decent site. It will probably be developed slowly, but as you can see it's already looking great. 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop have really been pissing me off, so don't expect graphics for this site anytime in the near future. Some new content has been added, but not a whole lot.

      News item dated 6/3/01


Additional Content
Posted by Fafalone
First update of the new millennium. Some additional content has been added. I still have not started to work on the new graphical interface for the site, hopefully I'll get around to it, possibly over the weekend... assuming I'm not too busy doing homework and playing SimCity 3000.

      News item dated 1/26/01


General Update Made 
Posted by Fafalone 
Continued working on the site. I have started making a logo graphic for the main page in 3D Studio MAX. Any feedback on it would be appreciated,

      News item dated 11/18/00


Site Welcome/Retirement Announcement 
Posted by Fafalone
It's official. I have officially announced that I will be leaving AOL. This decision comes with more and more people devolving into stupid scrolling newbies that have trouble understanding English. I have drafted my farewell addess. My AO-Programs, finished or unifinished, will be compiled and released upon my departure.
Official farewell date: December 31st, 2000.
Work also started on this site today.

      News item dated 11/12/00.