Welcome to the Fafalonian Empire

Welcome to my new site. Can you imagine how incredibly bored I must have been to waste all this time creating a site that noone really cares to read? The only reason someone would go to someone's site is to find a program or other file that they want... so if you're even reading this, I'm surpised.
Yes, I'm well aware I still have alot of graphics to make.


Check out my list of funny fears .

If you're looking for my essay on screen name and password combinations, click here .

The word of the month is : cretin
A really stupid and ignorant person.
The word cretin is from French crétin, from French dialectal, deformed and mentally retarded person found in certain Alpine valleys, from Vulgar Latin christinus, Christian, human being, poor fellow, from Latin Chrstinus, Christian.
cretinism, cretinoid, cretinous
Usage: Primarily a noun, other speech parts are given in the line above this.
Pronunciation:kree-tin, although the British pronunciation kret-in seems to be favored among computer nerds.
Examples: That newbie is a damn cretin. Go to hell you cretinous harlot.

Now, for those gabadose cretins out there, let me explain how to use my site. (I know, it's like teaching rocket science to a badger, but oh well.)

On the left, click once on "[News]" for site updates and announcements.
Projects gives a description of programs I'm currently working on.
Quotes is my old quotelist from
Music list is a list of songs of my MP3s and music videos. To request a MP3 song (only one you can't find elsewhere), please IM me.
Contact displays information on how to get in touch with me.